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Sure Care Guards for Men - 14 count

This Product is HSA/FSA eligible
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SureCare Guards for Men are absorbent disposable pads designed to protect men against incontinence. Using super-absorbent polymers and a blue aperture acquisition layer, the pads provide maximum fluid retention designed to reduce odor and keep wetness away from the skin, all while being significantly thinner and lest noticeable than its competitors. Additionally, the SureCare Guards have inner blue barrier cuffs to protect against leakage. The SureCare Guards are designed to maximize the comfort and convenience of the user. They are discrete and fasten easily and securely to the underwear using strong adhesive strips, all while fitting comfortably using its ultra-dry and pouch-like design to properly fit men.

Benefits & Features

  • Descreet and effective protection
  • Designed with a comfortable pouch for men
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Designed to prevent leakage

More Information
Manufacturer Part 272261
UPC or EIN 110884527021987
Dimensions W 6.50in x H 13in
Availability Receive in 3-7 days
Material Polymer, Polypropylene
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