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How to Register for a Refill Account

  1. To begin the registration please confirm that your have the following available

    1. Your Mayo Clinic Patient Number or Mayo Clinic Store Account Number


    2. Your Date of Birth


    3. Your full name and email address used on your Mayo Clinic Store account.  For example if your legal name is Robert but you go by Bob you will need to use the same name that is on your Mayo Clinic Store account


  2. Once you have created your account you will be taken to the "My Account" page where you can confirm that your insurance information is correct and review instructions for how to correctly place a resupply order that will be submitted to insurance.  

  3. You will need to have completed two or more orders for each product at Mayo Clinic Store or via the phone.

Troubleshooting Account Creation

I am unable to create an account

If you are unable to create an account it would be for the following reasons

  • We do not have an email address or we have a different email address for you in our system.
  • We have a different name listed for you.  Often we have your legal name in our system.
  • We do not have your Date of Birth in our system.
  • Your insurance coverage is a Medicaid provider plan
  • Your account with Mayo Clinic Store is past due