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 Peregrine Falcon Program at Mayo Clinic

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The Peregrine Falcon & Mayo Clinic

Peregrine falcons have long fascinated people because of their speed, beauty, and relationship with humans in the sport of falconry. When the species was threatened by the devastating impact of DDT, Mayo Clinic became involved in efforts to restore peregrines to the region. 

Since 1987, more than 70 falcon chicks have hatched at Mayo Clinic, to the delight of patients, staff and the community. 

We are proud to offer this array of products to celebrate the Peregrine Falcon Program and recognize the important role of nature in the healing environment of Mayo Clinic.

Peregrine Falcon Fun Facts

  • The Latin name for peregrine falcon, Falco peregrinus, means “wanderer.”
  • Peregrine falcons can migrate more than 15,000 miles on each one-way trip.
  • Historically, the peregrine falcon preferred to nest on high cliffs near water. Today, the bird is also found on smokestacks, bridges and tall buildings.
  • The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on earth, able to reach speeds over 240 mph in spectacular dives called a “stoop.”
  • Peregrines eat primarily other birds, such as ducks, pigeons, songbirds and sometimes bats!
  • In the wild, peregrine falcons can live to be 10-15 years old.

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