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Contour Kabooti Seat Blue Cushion

This Product is HSA/FSA eligible
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The blue Contour Kabooti Cushion has a 3-in1 design to relieve several points of pain in a single cushion. Made from high-density, medical-grade cushion foam the Kabooti retains shape and helps keep your weight evenly distributed. By combining the ring-shaped donut pillow, tailbone relieve cushion and seating wedge the Kabooti relieves several points of pain. The Coccyx cutout reduces pressure on the tailbone to provide comfort during prolonged sitting. The tapered front edge encourages proper posture and tilts the pelvis forward to keep your spine aligned and open your airways. The donut ring removes pressure and allows cooling airflow without the instability of a traditional doughnut cushion. The Kabooti Cushion is a good product for anyone suffering from sciatica, lower back pain, lumbar discomfort, hemorrhoids, pile, pregnancy pain, post-natal pain, coccyx pain, perineal wounds, post-surgery recovery or general seating discomfort. The cushion with a carrying handle has a stretch-knit cover making for discreet relief during use.

  • Versatile design to fit office chairs, vehicles, wheelchair, home furniture and more
  • Convenient for travel and discreetness
  • Encourages good posture and improved breathing through improving spine alignment
  • Reduces risk of circulatory restriction

More Information
Manufacturer Part 30-751RB
UPC or EIN 737709003611
Dimensions W 15.5in x L 16.75in x H 3in
Availability Receive in 3-7 days
Material Memory Foam
Pillow/Cushion Type Seat
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