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Zopec Voyage CPAP Smart Battery

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The Zopec Voyage CPAP Smart Battery is a long lasting universal travel battery with a USB speed port for fast charging. The battery works with all CPAP machines. Dependin on the machine and runtime charges can last up to 16 h ours. a is designed for using a CPAP or BiPap machine for up to 24 to 32 hours. The battery provides an alternative to power during outages or while traveling. While on standby power, the battery remains charged. The battery can remain plugged into a wall without hurting the battery life and used to power via sensors while in the auto switch setting. Each Explore 8200 comes with a wall charger, fast 45W car charger, travel pouch, user manual, and storage box.

Features & Benefits

  • Use for up to 3 nights to power a CPAP machine
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Power laptops and phones as well
  • Provide max FAA allowed batter capacity of 160 Wh
  • Quiet with no cooling fan needed

Note: If used with a heated humidifier or heated tube the power life will be shorter depending on the setting and run time.

More Information
Manufacturer Part 20ZDP02
UPC or EIN 716053923585
Dimensions W 7in x H 5in x D 1.5in
Availability Receive in 7-10 days
Warranty 1 Year
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