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ResMed Airtouch Foam F20 Full Face Small Mask

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The ResMed Airtouch Foam F20 Full Face Mask in sizes small is compatible with ResMed's AirMini. The plush memory foam cushion contours to your facial structure creating a breathable seal limiting red marks. The breathablity of the foam helps dissipate heat with keeping a solid seal even with high-pressure settings. The quick-release elbow allows you to get up during the night without removing your mask. the Airtouch Foam F20 features a flexible under-eye frame the adds comfort without limiting your field of vision.

Headgear must be purchased separately

Features & Benefits

  • Soft mask
  • Easy to put on an off
  • Memory foam cushion
  • Latex-free

Recommended Replacement Schedule

  • Replace the foam mask cushion every 4 weeks

Light, breathable UltraSoft memory foam cushion helps provide a secure seal across a range of therapy pressures Comfortably moves with you throughout the night, regardless of sleep position Soft and flexible frame sits underneath the eyes and adapts to different facial types, while its integrated padding provides added softness The AirTouch™ F20 is compatible with ResMed's travel CPAP, AirMini™. Gross dimensions: Mask fully assembled with elbow assembly (no headgear) 6.1" (H) x 6.3" (W) x 5.8" (D)ResMed AirTouch F20 Mask without Headgear NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED The ResMed AirTouch F20 mask sources a unique memory foam cushion that shatters comfort expectations for a full face CPAP mask. The AirTouch F20 cushion delivers a reliable mask seal secure enough handle high-pressure settings, yet the permeable foam material is also breathable. AirTouch F20 Mask Features: Memory foam cushion provides secure seal with unmatched comfort for a full face mask Permeable foam material helps dissipate heat through breathable cushion seal Flexible under-eye frame offers more open view Quick-release elbow enables fast disconnection from CPAP tubing Self-aligning magnetic headgear clips facilitate easy fitting process UltraSoft Memory Foam Cushion Striking the balance between comfort and effectiveness is a critical element of CPAP therapy. Traditionally, full face mask users have had to accept comfort drawbacks for performance gains for a variety of practical reasons, like the demands of a high CPAP pressure settings. Common complaints about full face masks include skin irritation, red marks, heat build-up and sweating. Thankfully, ResMed’s new AirTouch F20 cushion goes a long way towards changing these expectations. ResMed developed the AirTouch F20’s UltraSoft memory foam cushion in consultation with more than 300 patients and clinicians. It provides a softer and more comfortable feel than conventional silicone cushions. The AirTouch memory foam creates a secure seal without excessive pressure, reducing red marks and skin irritation. The permeable foam material is also breathable, which helps dissipate the heat that can build up during extended use. Remarkably, this permeable/breathable foam layer still maintains a secure mask seal that can accommodate a wide range of CPAP pressures, including the high pressure prescriptions that drive some patients to a full face mask in the first place.
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Latex Free Yes
Manufacturer Part 63021
UPC or EIN 619499000000
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