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Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Fibromyalgia

Control fibromyalgia with the best remedies available from conventional medicine and alternative health

Mayo Clinic, one of the world's top medical centers, and Gaiam, the alternative health and wellness experts, have teamed up to bring you this integrated health action plan designed specifically to help you minimize the pain of fibromyalgia and allow you to live life to the fullest.

You'll love the results you'll get from this easy three-step action plan …

1. Start with understanding your condition. In this opening segment, you'll meet Mayo Clinic doctors who share the latest knowledge about fibromyalgia — what can cause it, specific triggers that lead to flare-ups and how to manage it using the most successful conventional and alternative therapies available today.

2. Eat well to feel better. That's the message in the second part of our action plan. You'll meet Donald Hensrud, M.D., a weight management expert from Mayo Clinic. Dr. Hensrud will take you grocery shopping, sharing his insights on how to shop smart and select everyday foods you and your family can enjoy while at the same time promoting better health. You'll also meet a Mayo Clinic dietitian who explains practical, easy food choices that help you maintain a healthy weight, since being overweight can impact the severity of fibromyalgia. We'll suggest which foods to eat and which ones to avoid.

3. Moderate exercise and stress-relieving techniques bring our action plan into balance. In this segment, you'll meet Rodney Yee, America's favorite yoga instructor. Rodney guides you through a series of simple, restorative yoga and stress-relieving meditation routines that are sure to bring new vitality to your life. These movements are designed to help you lose weight, improve circulation and reduce tension. This balance gives you better control over fibromyalgia and allows you to lead a healthier and happier life.

With your order, you will receive Mayo Clinic's 52-page guide, My Stress Solution as an added bonus. This valuable booklet contains helpful hints you can follow every day to reduce stress and make your life more enjoyable.

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Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Fibromyalgia

DVD 90 minutes in length
Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Fibromyalgia


Order today and instantly receive this downloadable bonus gift — Healthy Weight for Life.

Get additional guidance and motivation from Mayo Clinic health professionals to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

In this guide you'll learn ...

  • How to get started, with daily menus for 1,200 and 1,400 calories
  • Easy tips to following low-fat cooking
  • Ten tips for dining out
  • How to identify serving sizes
  • Healthy activity programs

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