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Mayo Clinic Going Gluten-Free

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Dr. Joseph A. Murray's essential guide to handling celiac disease and related conditions, Mayo Clinic's Going Gluten-Free, provides expert advice and strategies on living a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle. Offering personal, real-world stories from patients who have gone through making the change away from gluten themselves, this guide is a relatable and real way to transition away from gluten, all without deprivation. Additional research on the causes of celiac disease and similar disorders as well as the most effective treatments approved by Mayo Clinic make this book the perfect read for those looking to learn more about their condition as well as they make the switch to or continue gluten-free living.

  • Guide to managing celiac disease, allergies to wheat, and other similar conditions.
  • Written to help sort out what we know about gluten, what we don't, and what researchers and doctors speculate is going on as gluten and wheat-related conditions continue to rise.

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