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Female Self-Catheterization

Not available in Canada

Our Price: $2.00

Female Self-Catheterization
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For Patient Education ...

Pamphlet provides step-by-step instructions for female self-catheterization procedure. Also includes information on supplies needed, how to disinfect plastic and red rubber catheters, proper hand cleansing, maintaining a residual urine diary, traveling, and when to call your physician.

The features and benefits of this instructional pamphlet include:

  • Professional medical illustration
  • Assurance — it's used by Mayo Clinic in the care and treatment of its patients
  • Proven track record in use with patients
  • A product created by Mayo Clinic physicians in collaboration with professional health care educators, writers and medical illustrators

Available in Spanish — please inquire at patienteducationsales@mayo.edu.

Benefits of This Pamphlet to Your Patient

The process of self-catheterization can be daunting and frightening to the patient who must perform the procedure on herself. This pamphlet provides the information she needs in a manner that is proved to be successful in teaching the procedure to patients.

It offers step-by-step instructions that are clearly and concisely written. This narrative is supported by professionally illustrated medical art.

The pamphlet provides a detailed list of supplies necessary and how to keep them clean and sanitized for safe use. Included is a residual urine diary the patient is encouraged to use. It also offers guidelines on when to consult a professional health care provider if problems arise.

Give your patient the knowledge and confidence needed to do this procedure herself. This pamphlet will show her how.

When you purchase Mayo Clinic patient education materials, proceeds are used to further medical education and research at Mayo Clinic. You not only get the answers to your questions, you become part of the solution.

Patients should review this educational material with their physicians to ensure it is consistent with a medically approved treatment plan. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies that wish to use this material in conjunction with an educational program must contact Mayo Clinic for approval. Mayo Clinic does not sponsor or endorse third party products and/or services.