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The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book

The essential guide to breast cancer

Our Price: $22.95

The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book


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The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book

The essential guide to breast cancer ...

A cancer diagnosis can be a lightning bolt. Life stops, or seems to. Normal routines no longer are.

After the lightning comes the storm. Too many questions. Appointments. Decisions. The storm seems to go on and on.

Whether you are facing a cancer diagnosis and the challenges of treatment, or wish to prevent the disease if you're at high risk, this book brings you the most accurate, reliable and up-to-date information available.

You'll discover a story rich in hope, with accounts of women who've successfully confronted this difficult disease.

The knowledge you'll gain will help you be a more informed patient — in communicating with your doctor, in selecting among treatment options. In 453 pages of thorough coverage, Mayo brings you critical knowledge in many key facets of breast cancer.

  • Prevention — What can you do to decrease your risk of getting breast cancer? While there's still no guaranteed way to prevent it, several lifestyle factors can be modified to reduce your risk, especially if you are in a high-risk category.
  • Treatment — After diagnosis comes a flurry of questions: "Now what?" "How do I deal with this?" "Do I have options?" "What's my prognosis?" The good news is that breast cancer is now considered a highly treatable disease with good results. Survival rates keep increasing. The book reviews the full range of treatment options, and the pros and cons of each.
  • Care and Coping — Life goes on after diagnosis. Our doctors share their best options for dealing with feelings and emotions ... for coping with treatment side effects ... for women who want to consider complementary therapies. A separate chapter offers helpful guidance to the patient's partner.
  • Living with Hope — It bears repeating: Breast cancer is highly treatable. You have every reason to live with hope. This book offers key support for every woman.

Know this — breast cancer deaths are declining. Ongoing research and medical advances have made it happen. This book offers a shelter, and so much more. It brings you answers. It brings assurance that this condition is treatable ... that many women have passed this way before ... that today's treatments are more effective than at any other time in our history.

Each chapter has been reviewed by multiple experts at Mayo Clinic, each committed to providing balanced information to help you understand your status, your choices and your future.

What they're saying about The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book ...

  • "This is the best source for readable, up-to-date information if you or a loved one has breast cancer. It comes from the world's experts — who know the disease." — Thomas J. Smith, MD, Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • "If you're looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-read book about an often confusing topic, The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book is for you." — Henry M. Kuerer, M.D, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • "Readers will likely return again and again to this book as a convenient source of knowledge, insight and reassurance as they confront the many decisions required in the treatment of breast cancer." — Clifford A. Hudis, M.D., Chief, Breast Cancer Medicine Service, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Dedicated as a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center is a leader in translating discoveries into effective improvements in patient care.

Because Mayo cares deeply about every facet of a woman's health, we've added key chapters on ovarian and uterine cancers, both of which are more common in breast cancer survivors. This book is for every woman. Please order your copy today.

And if you order now, you'll instantly receive a FREE downloadable bonus gift, Complementary & Alternative Medicine and Your Health.

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