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Feeling Your Way: Sexuality After Spinal Cord Injury

Not available in Canada

Our Price: $19.95

Feeling Your Way: Sexuality After Spinal Cord Injury
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For Patient Education ...

"Sometimes it is not how much you say, but what you say. Feeling Your Way: Relationships and Sexuality after Spinal Cord Injury is a video with a great deal to say within a relatively brief focused format and has value in teaching, training and clinical care. The rehabilitation healthcare field is appreciative for this resource."  — Sigmund Hough, Ph.D., ABPP, Harvard Medical School; Editor-in-Chief, Sexuality and Disability

The only education material of its kind! In this 15-minute video, men and women with spinal cord injuries discuss their relationships, sexuality and exploring sensation as well as having children and parenting.

Education on sexual health after spinal cord injury (SCI) is a vital component in promoting sexual well-being. Written materials typically don't capture the emotional aspects of sexuality that are central to the process of re-establishing sexual health and sexual identity after spinal cord injury. The most frequently used sexual health video for SCI patients is more than 15 years old and is outdated, predating the introduction of erectile dysfunction medications.

Recognizing these limitations, a Mayo Clinic team of rehabilitation professionals used patient-centric care methodology to create this contemporary SCI sexual health video. This piece is a true breakthrough in patient education.

This video is presented in 2 chapters and addresses the following topics:

  • Re-establishing sexual identity
  • Dating and relationships
  • Adapting to changes after SCI
  • Managing physical complications
  • Safety and precautions  

Enjoying one’s sexuality and being intimate with another person are important to most adults. This video offers candid discussion on the topic and many helpful suggestions on how to re-establish sexual well-being. It offers hope that SCI patients can adjust and lead more satisfying lives with their partners.

When you purchase Mayo Clinic patient education materials, proceeds are used to further medical education and research at Mayo Clinic. You not only get the answers to your questions, you become part of the solution.

Patients should review this educational material with their physicians to ensure it is consistent with a medically approved treatment plan. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies that wish to use this material in conjunction with an educational program must contact Mayo Clinic for approval. Mayo Clinic does not sponsor or endorse third party products and/or services.