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Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life

Our Price: $29.95

Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life


Order today and receive a FREE downloadable guide to better health – a $5.95 value!

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Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life
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Improve your heart health in 10 minutes a day

"Even if your body has been exposed to bad things for 30 or 40 years, six months of doing the right thing can lead to positive changes."

— Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, M.D.
Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine
Mayo Clinic

Improving your heart health and reducing your risk of heart disease are two central goals of Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life! The book identifies all the factors Mayo Clinic doctors know you can use to achieve those ends, organized into 10 easy-to-follow steps.

This book helps you start making the changes that will improve your heart health. You can start small. In fact, we'll bring you page after page of ordinary but effective things you can do to fight heart disease. They're often part of routine activities that you do every day anyway.

  • What's your chance of a heart attack in the next 10 years? We'll help you calculate it — but more important, we'll help you reduce it. See page 93.
  • If you take medication for cholesterol, high blood pressure or other heart-related conditions, flip to page 98 the first moment this book is in your hands. You'll get key tips for improving medication effectiveness and avoiding harmful side effects.
  • See what three heart-healthy goals you can take action on as soon as your book arrives. The quick-start goals discussed on page 25 show that making your heart healthier and stronger doesn't have to be complicated or difficult.

Learn how your heart works, what can go wrong and the many ways to improve your heart health.

  • Even if your heart itself is in good shape, blockage of the arteries leading to it (a condition called coronary artery disease, or CAD) can still kill you. Turn to page 144 and learn the causes, symptoms, complications, diagnostic techniques and treatments for CAD.
  • Open to page 116 and learn that two keys to getting and staying healthy are to reduce stress and have a good time — that's right, you're on doctor's orders to enjoy life more!
  • Diagnosing heart disease in women can be trickier than in men. But it still just takes a phone call to schedule a heart checkup. Learn what your test results mean, and how they can direct your next steps to better health.
  • Getting enough sleep may help you lose weight, maintain good physical and mental health, reduce stress, and re-energize your body. That's why we devoted a full chapter to helping you sleep well, including five keys to sleep and heart health.

It's only fair that we warn you. Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life! may produce "side effects" in those who follow it. These include:

  • Reducing your risk of Alzheimer's, stroke, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, and depression
  • Helping control high blood pressure and cholesterol

Of course, heart disease is very serious. It kills more of us than all cancers combined. It's the No. 1 killer in the U.S. And yet advances in medicine and self-care give you far more control over your heart health than ever.

This book is not only for people who know they have heart disease — it will prove to be of potentially lifesaving value to them. It is also dedicated to anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy heart at any age and the extraordinary health and lifestyle benefits that go with it.

"You might be surprised to learn that keeping your heart healthy doesn't really take a lot of time. You can start with as little as 10 minutes a day. Small changes, such as standing up and moving more, can make a big difference. … One of the most important keys is learning to enjoy life."  

Martha Grogan, M.D., Medical Editor
Cardiologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine
Mayo Clinic

Let Mayo Clinic's expertise in cardiology help you improve your heart health. Order your copy of Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life! today.

And if you order now, you'll instantly receive a FREE downloadable bonus gift, 8 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke.

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