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Taking Warfarin: How to Manage Your Blood Thinner

Not available in Canada

Our Price: $19.95

Taking Warfarin: How to Manage Your Blood Thinner
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For Patient Education ...

This 15-minute video provides basic information about anticoagulants, such as warfarin (Coumadin). It describes how anticoagulants work, the purpose, and the risks and benefits of anticoagulant medications. It includes a discussion of the individual's responsibilities in proper use of the medication, including the importance of the INR blood test, and food, beverages, and supplements that can impact INR.

The features and benefits of this instructional video include:

  • Produced by experienced video media professionals
  • Assurance — it's used by Mayo Clinic in the care and treatment of its patients
  • Proven track record in use with patients
  • A product created by Mayo Clinic physicians in collaboration with professional health care educators, writers and video media specialists

Also available in Arabic and Spanish by inquiring at: patienteducationsales@mayo.edu.

Benefits of This Video to Your Patient

This video will reinforce the benefits and risks associated with warfarin and the responsibilities of the patient in terms of compliance and maintaining good communication with health care providers.

The video provides basic information on the formation of blood clots and risk factors that are posed when clotting takes place and is left unchecked. It is explained how warfarin can help manage blood clotting. This background is useful in gaining patient trust in the prescribed course of action.

The video explains the potential risks associated with medicine interactions and stresses the importance of clear communication with pharmacists and other health care providers, including dentists, so that everyone involved in the patient's health care is informed of the use of warfarin. Also explained is the importance of following through with prescribed blood tests and recording INR levels.

Special emphasis is placed on the intake of vitamin K. The video offers easy-to-follow guidance in appropriate dietary intake and which foods and beverages hold high concentrations of the vitamin. All of this information is conveyed in clear, easy-to-understand terminology.

Give your patient the information he or she needs to be motivated to comply with tests, dietary guidelines and risk-avoidance behavior. This video was created with that purpose in mind.

When you purchase Mayo Clinic patient education materials, proceeds are used to further medical education and research at Mayo Clinic. You not only get the answers to your questions, you become part of the solution.

Patients should review this educational material with their physicians to ensure it is consistent with a medically approved treatment plan. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies that wish to use this material in conjunction with an educational program must contact Mayo Clinic for approval. Mayo Clinic does not sponsor or endorse third party products and/or services.