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Mayo Clinic Patient Education

Listed below are some of our most popular patient education materials. To inquire about the more than 2,400 patient education materials available for sale, or for special ordering requirements, such as tax exemption or purchase orders, please contact patienteducationsales@mayo.edu. Please note in your email if you would like to receive information about any specific disease, condition, surgery or other health-related topic.

Printed Materials
About Your Colon X-Ray About Your Colon X-Ray
Describes equipment used, preparation instructions and what to expect during the test.
After Brain Injury: Helping Your Loved One on the Road to Recovery After Brain Injury: Helping Your Loved One on the Road to Recovery
A comprehensive guide for family members and caregivers of those with brain injury.
Female Self-Catheterization Female Self-Catheterization
Step-by-step guide for female self-catheterization.
Ileal Pouch-Anal Anastomosis Ileal Pouch-Anal Anastomosis
Award-winning pamphlet describes ileal pouch-anal anastomosis surgeries. The booklet includes resources, table of contents, illustrations and word list.
It's Your Life... Take Charge! It's Your Life... Take Charge!
112-page monthly journal guides the process of creating a health plan. Includes sample health log and answers to frequently asked questions, including tips for success.
Male Self-Catheterization Male Self-Catheterization
Step-by-step guide for male self-catheterization.
Skin Self-Examination Card Skin Self-Examination Card
Door hanger depicts skin self-examination, providing illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Includes a chart with illustrations of ABCDE (Asymmetry Border irregularity Color Diameter Evolution) criteria for moles or pigmented spots on skin.
Tetralogy of Fallot Tetralogy of Fallot
Includes anatomical illustrations, surgical and medication treatment options.
Using Your Medications Safely Using Your Medications Safely
Provides guidelines for the safe use of prescription medications. Includes a medications checklist and a tear-off sheet to use for listing current medications.