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Mayo Clinic Patient Education

Listed below are some of our most popular patient education materials. To inquire about the more than 2,400 patient education materials available for sale, or for special ordering requirements, such as tax exemption or purchase orders, please contact patienteducationsales@mayo.edu. Please note in your email if you would like to receive information about any specific disease, condition, surgery or other health-related topic.

Video Materials
About Your Mohs Surgery About Your Mohs Surgery
7-minute video describes Mohs Surgery, postoperative appearance and healing time.
Mayo Clinic Interactive Breast Cancer Decision Tool Mayo Clinic Interactive Breast Cancer Decision Tool
52-minute video presents information about breast cancer to help someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer make informed decisions about treatment, including breast reconstruction.
Feeling Your Way Feeling Your Way
The only education material of its kind! In this 15-minute video, men and women with spinal cord injuries discuss their relationships, sexuality and exploring sensation as well as having children and parenting.
Female Self-Catheterization Female Self-Catheterization
13-minute video describes adult female self-catheterization to completely empty bladders on a regular schedule.
How I Got My Life Back How I Got My Life Back
Award winning 8-minute video. Teens talk about their coping strategies including daily routines, exercise, friends, school, family and health care providers.
How to Inject Insulin Using a Syringe How to Inject Insulin Using a Syringe
4-minute video showing supplies, preparation of syringe, insulin injection procedure, needle discard, recording of dosage and insulin storage.
Intimacy During Cancer Treatment Intimacy During Cancer Treatment
Nothing else like it on the market! 11-minute video includes information for women about maintaining intimacy with their partner during cancer treatment. The presentations are given by a sex therapist, breast health specialist and a women's health specialist.
Living with an Ileostomy Living with an Ileostomy
14-minute video describes ileostomy surgery and how to live with an ileostomy on a daily basis. Interviews with people who have had an ileostomy are provided, including an interview with a child. Describes the bowel/intestine and ileum.
Male Self-Catheterization Male Self-Catheterization
12-minute video describes adult male self-catheterization to completely empty bladder on a regular schedule.
Medicion de la glucosa sanguinea Medicion de la glucosa sanguinea
6-minute Spanish language video showing the equipment and process for checking blood glucose levels for diabetes, recording results, and disposing lancets. (English also available)
Reflux and It's Complications Reflux and It's Complications
Award winning 26-minute video about acid reflux and the conditions it may cause. The video describes normal swallowing, esophagus and stomach function, gastroesophageal reflux and possible causes.
Taking Warfarin: How to Manage Your Blood Thinner Taking Warfarin: How to Manage Your Blood Thinner
15-minute video provides basic information about anticoagulants (warfarin, coumadin). It describes how anticoagulants work, the purpose, and the risks and benefits of anticoagulant medications.